Custodian DraaS provides a cost effective data protection service with managed DR capability for clients wishing to move away from provisioning their own DR infrastructure.  


All DRaaS requirements and expectations are documented in a service level agreement with automated DR status reports providing both peace of mind and evidence for compliance. The dashboard feature of Custodian DRaaS confirms that your data has been successfully replicated to our offsite ISO 27001 secure facility or your nominated second site.


  • Service provided from multiple secure UK data centres – your data and DR solution remains safe as well as protected within the UK

  • Protect virtual and physical systems – Regardless of where, what or when - we will recover it for you

  • Customisable – Select from a variety of recovery scopes depending on the type of disaster

  • Compliance – Automated compliance reporting to meet regulatory requirements

  • Flexible contract vehicle – tailored to your precise DR needs

  • Service Desk – Our team of professionals will handle your account in the event of a disaster and will make sure your data is up & running in the shortest possible time in accordance with your SLA


Automated DR status reports provide both peace of mind and evidence of compliance


Replication and hosting of the off-site copy of your backup data to a Celerity secure data centre. 


 Protection for your physical and virtual servers in the event of man-made or natural catastrophe.

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Case Study

Custodian DRaaS In Local Government

A London Borough Council achieved over 54% cost savings with Data Custodian DRaaS. The council were able to reduce the complexity and safeguarding cost of public information assets; allowing continuous access to data and stronger compliance which aligned with their data protection strategy.

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What our clients say...

"Celerity actually listens rather than dictates what they think we want. They show great attention to detail and their documentation is outstandingly precise which gives confidence when engaging in any new project or purchase."

Technology Manager,
Local Government Organisation

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Custodian Datasheet 

Secure Data Optimisation & Backup Services ensuring guaranteed protection & continuous access to data

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