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Education Sector Challenges





Students have moved to remote or hybrid learning, but expectations are high for accessibility and a user experience to support student success.




Managing changes affecting data governance & compliance to avoid damaged reputation or significant fines from regulatory bodies such as the ICO.




The NCSC issued an alert to universities in 2020 following heightened ransomware attacks targeting the sector. Data security is a huge challenge.




Potentially lower in-take, especially overseas students due to COVID-19 & Brexit, coupled with extra technology & health & safety investments will affect revenue in the sector.




IT & particularly cyber security skills are in demand across all sectors. Unfortunately, the commercial sector offers salaries that attract those away from the public sector.





Pressures to leverage aging legacy systems that require limited specialist skills, whilst in-house teams continue to firefight, leaves little time to innovate.




As digital transformation demands change like never before, a unified enterprise architecture that keeps pace with strategic priorities is needed.

Helping to drive better outcomes in education


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Managed Services

Fill skills gaps & offload resource-heavy tasks that would otherwise divert your IT department away from strategic initiatives on to our team of industry experts. 


Data Centre Modernisation

Rapidly changing requirements need a scalable environment to support digital transformation efforts but also leverages existing investments for maximum ROI.



We take the risk and uncertainty out of your compliance obligations through effective software licence management and proactive data protection strategies.

Celerity drives business outcomes for education sector through its services


reduced budgets

Cost Control

Celerity leverages strong vendor relationships to reduce software licensing and administrative costs for customers - saving organisations up to 54%.

remote learning

User Experience

Improve remote learning provision through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enabling better end-user accessibility for students, with reduced costs and time to value.

cyber threats

Cyber Threats

Identify and remediate security gaps. Test your defences for vulnerabilities against the latest threats to your sector e.g. Dopplpaymer ransomware using breach & attack simulated scenarios.

Mitigating cyber threats against the UK educaiton sector


How To Protect The Education Sector From Cyber Threats

Education is the seventh-most attacked sector according to IBM's 2020 Threat Intelligence Index and in recent times has been plagued with ransomware attacks. We take a look at how the sector can better protect themselves from these cyber threats.

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Book a call with a Celerity security expert to learn how we can identify vulnerabilities in your network and test your security posture with simulated cyber-attacks through our  Cyber Threat Insight Service.


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Student Experience Is Everything

We understand the need to deliver the best experience for your students in what is a very competitive sector. Tight budgets and IT skills gaps, as well as an increased threat from cyber-attacks, puts your IT department under significant pressure. 

At Celerity our experience, skills and thought-leadership allows our academic customers to do more with less - whether that's consulting on digital transformation projects like cloud migration or managing your resource-heavy solutions such as cyber security or data backup.

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You can learn more about our capabilities for the education sector by downloading our Celerity in Academia brochure.


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