Citadel Protect - Managed Encryption manages the encryption of all your endpoints so that you don’t have to. It reduces the strain on internal resources such as training staff or time spent maintaining your entire endpoint encryption solution, enabling IT staff to focus on other business priorities. 


Accidents happen and devices can be lost or stolen, but you can be confident that you and your customers valuable data is fully protected at all times. 

  • Secure, centrally managed data protection for laptops, mobiles, PCs, tablets & more

  • Provides a base layer of protection for sensitive data against unauthorised access.

  • Valuable data secured in the event of loss or theft of your device

  • Hard drive data can be converted into a language that cannot be deciphered by any unauthorised personnel

  • Full device management throughout its lifespan & necessary changes made for clients

  • No Training. No Maintenance. Fully managed encryption.


Reduced overheads - no training and maintenance


ICO recommended security measure


Expert advice on the best security practices and policies

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Citadel Managed Encryption Data Sheet Download

Citadel Managed Encryption

Learn how Citadel Protect - Managed Encryption service can help protect your business critical data and alleviate the strain on your IT security staff.

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