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Financial Services Sector

Increasing operational efficiency and resilience to better serve customers.

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  • FCA mandates dictate the sector
  • Staying compliant to avoid fines can require a lot of resource and experience


  • Customers now expect a digital experience
  • Your organisation may lose it's competitive edge if its back-end operations can't keep pace with the market


  • The finance & insurance sector has been the most targeted industry by cybercriminals for the last 5 years (IBM X-Force 2021)
  • Estimated 3.5 million unfilled security positions globally highlights difficulty finding trained security staff


  • Strategic IT investments are required to improve core capabilities & reduce technical debt
  • Economic slow down from pandemic requires cost reductions to remain competitive


  • Critical ageing infrastructure sits at the core of established  finance organisations which isn't or can't be migrated to the cloud
  • Maintaining these systems can be an expensive  headache & requires dwindling specialist skills


  • The FCA requires financial firms to identify vulnerabilities in their critical servies and set impact tolerance thresholds by 2025
  • Understanding & setting tolerance thresholds will be critical for successful strategy & planning




Simplify Your Software Licensing

A large inventory of software and hardware utilised over a varied IT estate can be a headache to keep track of; creating the risk of being under or over licensed.

Celerity Intuition unifies licence data into a single dashboard allowing customers to make more proactive decisions on their licensing as opposed to prepaying for capacity that they weren’t using.


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Operational Resilience for Financial Services in a Multi-Cloud World

New mandates from the Financial Conduct Authority is driving change for the sector involving their multi-cloud environment.

Celerity's Tim Archbould, explains what this means for financial services and how Celerity can help.


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Celerity...Driving Better Outcomes for the Financial Services Sector

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Managed Services

  • Fill skills gaps & offload resource-heavy tasks on to our team of industry experts
  • Maintain your IT department's focus on core projects and strategic initiatives


Data Centre Modernisation

  • Scalable and agile environments for operational resilience & accelerated digital transformation
  • Future-proof infrastructure with best of breed technologies; transforming core operations and modernising legacy systems



  • Attain compliance assurance and reduce the risk of hefty vendor and regulatory fines
  • Be in control of your software licensing management with our simple software as a service management service

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cyber threats

Cyber Threats

  • Offload your security defence to SC cleared security experts
  • Don't miss unpatched systems with vulnerability management 
  • Regularly test your security controls against the latest real-world cyber threats targeting the finance sector with breach & attack simulations
  • Safeguard critical data from ransomware with Air Gapped Immutable Backups

reduced budgets

Cost Control

  • Celerity leverages strong vendor relationships to reduce your software licensing and administrative costs
  • Leverage your existing investments for maximum ROI 
  • Re-engineer for profitable growth whilst optimising risk management

remote learning

Customer Experience

  • Ensure optimum uptime of service availability for your digitally savvy customers who expect access to information and services digitally  24/7 with minimum disruption
  • Gain actionable insights with greater confidence and speed to support the customer experience

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