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G-Cloud 9

Celerity manages and secures petabytes of highly sensitive public sector data

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and a range of approved suppliers providing cloud-based services to public sector organisations throughout the UK.

Celerity has been an approved G-Cloud supplier for many years and is proud to announce that it has recently been awarded a place on the newly released G-Cloud 9 framework. As an approved G-Cloud supplier, Celerity is highly experienced working closely with central and local government organisations. 

Celerity's full range of G-Cloud 9 services can be viewed in the Digital Marketplace

Celerity is a public sector specialist, dealing with a variety of prolific clients particularly within government, defence and healthcare. Entrusted with the protection and management of many petabytes of sensitive data, Celerity has a proven track record of successfully delivering tailored business solutions as an honest, reliable and highly flexible, experienced technology partner.

Celerity's Intuition and Data Custodian portfolio of data protection, management, reporting and monitoring solutions, approved by the G-Cloud framework, provide secure data optimisation and proactive back up strategies that are certain to improve the success of your IT department. 

Celerity's full range of G-Cloud 9 services can be viewed in the Digital Marketplace


The G-Cloud 9 framework consists of 3 service categories, all of which Celerity are approved to provide:

  • Cloud Hosting - Cloud platform or infrastructure services helping buyers deploy, manage and run software, provision and use processing, storage or networking resources and pay only for what they use. >>View Celerity Cloud Hosting Services
  • Cloud Software - Applications that are accessed over the internet and hosted in the cloud. Again, buyers only need to pay for what they use. >>View Celerity Cloud Software Services
  • Cloud Support - Services to help buyers set up and maintain their cloud services includes migration services and ongoing support. >>View Celerity Cloud Support Services 


"Reuse is a big part of what we want to achieve, and it's more than just reusing technology. We want people to reuse each other's work, like a well-run discovery phase or pilot project, or a well-designed policy. When someone, somewhere, does something well, we want to find out about it and make sure it's recognised and replicated as widely as possible."

Chief Technology Officer, Digital Marketplace


Custodian BaaS

Guaranteed protection and continuous access to data



Proactive intelligent discovery, automation & orchestration from a single pane



Cost effectively keeping your software up to date, managed & compliant


Managed Service

Offload the operational management of your IT enviroment to reduce costs and redeploy your valuable people as assets


ITIL Service Desk

Maintain efficient & reliable operations with a single point of support for all vendors


Reporting & Business Analytics

Unleash The Value


Custodian DRaaS

Enterprise application security, protection, and disaster recovery with proactive backup strategies


Asset Management

Maintain audit readiness and compliance of your software estate



Detect, prioritise & manage security events and risks in real-time

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