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Transforming it and reducing costs, whilst managing pressures at all levels of government to respond quickly and efficiently to citizen requests

There is continued pressure at all levels of government to respond quickly and accurately to citizen requests and to share more information about policies and procedures.

Recent years have seen the introduction of a number of large scale IT projects aimed at increasing efficiency and reducing headcount costs in many areas of public service. Not all of these implementations have been managed effectively and many have come in over budget and past the projected delivery dates.



Approved G-cloud supplier and public sector specialist Celerity is highly experienced working closely with Central and Local Government organisations. We have a proven track record of improving efficiency, through reduced waste and improved accountability across a range of areas, including procurement of information and communication technology products and services. Our services seamlessly manage compliance and regulatory challenges, taking the pain away from internal teams, whilst reducing workload and costs.

Our Services

  • Use & re-utilise IT resources & assets available delivering higher quality of service to more businesses & citizens at a lower cost - 'doing more with less'
  • Share data & information – in a secure, timely & auditable manner to protect & safeguard its integrity
  • Deliver end-to-end decision support & case-working systems
  • Meet the expectations of the citizens, businesses & stakeholders by implementing the process improvements necessary to deliver policy objectives



For detailed information on our Government Services and examples of our work, 
please see below.

“Celerity clearly knew what they were doing at all stages of the implementation, making it a very smooth experience.”

Isle of Anglesey County Council 




Cyber Essentials Certificate of Assurance




DATASHEET: Intuition for Local Government

Complete visibility of critical events, services and changes in your environment from a single pane.


government-data custodian.png

DATASHEET: Data Custodian for Local Government

Removing the complexity and overhead of running an internal service for storage management, backup and disaster recovery for Local Government organisations


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CASE STUDY: Isle of Anglesey County Council deals with ensuing explosion of data

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CASE STUDY: Council Achieves Over 54% Savings with Data Custodian DraaS & SaaS


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CASE STUDY: Local Authority gets proactive with unified monitoring  

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