Incident Response is designed to help you before, during & after a breach to ensure rapid recovery that minimise the loss of revenue and recovery costs associated with a security breach. A team of industry-leading, highly skilled security professionals help organisations to prepare for, prevent, detect & respond to security events more efficiently & effectively.


  • Response Planning – prepare for and respond to cyber-attacks more effectively with a proven response strategy and program development

  • Agile Incident Response – Forensics analysis and remediation plans implemented immediately when validated critical incident of breach occurs

  • Manage threats more efficiently across the entire incident lifecycle including prevention, forensics, containment, eradication, recovery and compliance

  • Gain expert insight, assisting your security team to effectively defend against and have advanced knowledge about the threats to your environment

  • Extend traditional security controls with continuous monitoring and rapid response 

  • Threat Assessments and Scenario Testing



PLAN - Implement solid incident response procedures to avoid operating in crisis mode. Planning should be fully-documented & tested well in advance



Assess the situation and minimise damage with forensic analysis, malware analysis, threat assessments and more



Once the damage from an attack is contained, evaluate and incorporate learnings into protecting yourself against the next attack

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