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Citizen Services

Becoming a more agile and resilient council as operational models change and transformation accelerates


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Industry Challenges



  • UK councils face a £1.9Bn funding gap this year due to COVID-19
  • Need to extract maximum value from all IT investments
  • Limited funds will lead to issues only being addressed as and when needed



  • Stalling of digital transformation projects 
  • Maintaining service levels for citizens
  • Networks highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks



  • Innovating & maintaining critical citizen services creates multiple IT projects 
  • Drains departmental resource and time
  • Staff burnout leading to mistakes and project setbacks or security risks



  • Successful cyber-attacks have cost councils up to £10 million
  • Remote-working has increased the attack surface
  • Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated requiring smarter cyber security controls


  • The ever-changing IT landscape calls for updated tools and systems to keep pace
  • New skills and training required on top of day to day tasks of 'keeping the lights on'
  • Continuous need for additional resource & skills 


  • Public sector procurement processes
    slowing down projects
  • Increased risk from cyber threats from delayed implementation
  • Missing meeting business objectives due to extended timeframes

Building Resilience For Councils

Data Protection & Storage Technical Architect, Darren Sanders explains how Celerity is helping local authorities to build resilience in their data backups.

Discover how air-gapped immutable backups can protect your council from cyber threats.


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Celerity...Helping to drive better outcomes
for local government

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Managed Services

  • Fill skills gaps & offload resource-heavy tasks on to our team of industry experts
  • Maintain your IT department's focus on core projects and strategic initiatives



  • Take the risk and uncertainty out of your compliance obligations as we manage this for you
  • Ensure personal data of constituents is fully protected and secure at all times


Data Centre Modernisation

  • Scalable and agile environments for operational resilience & accelerated digital transformation
  • Future-proof infrastructure with best of breed technologies; transforming core operations and modernising systems

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cyber threats

Cyber Threats

  • Offload your security defence to SC cleared security experts
  • Don't miss unpatched systems with vulnerability management 
  • Test your defences against the latest threats to local government e.g. ransomware using breach & attack simulated scenarios.

reduced budgets

Cost Control

  • Celerity leverages strong vendor relationships to reduce your software licensing and administrative costs
  • Leverage your existing investments for maximum ROI
  • Surrey County Council achieved 20% savings with Custodian Software as a Service (SaaS).

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Citizen Experience

  • Deliver highly available services for citizens who now expect to access information and services digitally with minimum disruption
  • Gain actionable insights with greater confidence and speed to support citizens
  • Increase constituent trust and engagement with increased access to trusted services
Surrey cc achieves 20% cost reductions with SaaS from Celerity


surrey cc

Surrey County Council achieves 20% cost savings through efficient software licence management

Celerity's Custodian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) reduced complexity and improved productivity for the council, whilst enabling higher levels of service to be delivered to both the organisation and its citizens.


  • Streamlined licensing - 1 contract - 1 invoice - 1 point of contact - 1 service procedure; providing stronger compliance and governance safeguards
  • Cost reduction - 20% reduction in licensing and administration costs during a time of reduced public sector budgets
  • Re-utilisation of departmental resources - valuable staff spending less time managing complex contracts and more time delivering value
  • Robust monthly reporting - ensures council remains within terms of license contract, enabling smooth commercial transactions at renewal times
  • Risk reduction - reduced commercial and technical risk for auditing, services delivered to meet business-driven SLA 

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Supporting IT Transformation

The modern citizen expects all aspects of their lives to be digitized and that services are available on a 24/7 basis.  In this ebook we showcase how we are able to support councils with their digital transformation efforts, regardless of what stage of your journey you're at.

Our team of experts can advise, manage and deliver services that ensure your local authority continues to provide exceptional citizen services in light of the unprecedented challenges you may face.

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Spending too much time on your backups?

Data backups are your insurance should your systems go down, but this essential task can be time-consuming and hold your IT department back from driving your authorities objectives.

Download our Backup as a Service (BaaS) datasheet to learn how offloading your backup to Celerity can help improve data backup efficiencies and alleviate in-house resource whilst reducing costs.


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Starting a new IT project? We can help

We work have worked alongside local authorities for as long as we've been operating. That's why we know what's needed to deliver successful IT projects on time and on budget. Get in touch to see how Celerity can reduce your workload as well as your IT costs.

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Why councils work with Celerity

Why Surrey county council work with Celerity limited
Celerity has a strong relationship with Surrey County Council and we were able to draw upon their extensive knowledge and experience to assist our transformation to SaaS and provide opportunities to reduce our operational costs.
Enterprise Infrastructure Delivery
Surrey County Council
why councils trust Celerity limited with their IT systems
Celerity is always able to listen to our needs and provide the sort of advice that we have come to appreciate that not all others can, sometimes it is because others are limited on the depth of knowledge or experience we need in order to make decisions.
IT Infrastructure Manager
UK Council
Why Flintshre county council chose Celerity to be their trusted IT partner
Celerity is our go-to option when things go wrong with our IT systems. The Celerity Service Desk provides a tailored solution to us at Flintshire, they understand the technology we are delivering and help support us moving forward.
Infrastructure Solutions Manager
Flintshire County Council


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