Citadel Respond - Penetration Testing and Security services provide in-depth investigation into identifying vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, web & mobile applications, networks, people & connected devices. 


Experienced security professionals simulate a cyber-attack scenario, applying robust and tested methodologies to deliver a detailed appraisal of your current security posture and the vulnerabilities that could be exploited causing damage to your business and its reputation.

  • Identify, classify and understand your most critical vulnerabilities. Gain vital remediation assistance to effectively prioritise security improvement efforts

  • Address compliance requirements as regulatory bodies increasingly require vulnerability management programs to be implemented, beyond basic scanning able to demonstrate measurable improvements

  • Quality assured reporting provides a detailed breakdown of results. Includes management summary of results, an in-depth technical assessment of identified vulnerabilities and highlighted points for remediation

  • Ensure new applications or significant changes to business processes are secure, whilst managing potential risks associated with outsourced services

  • Re-testing is built into the service, ensuring highlighted issues have been understood and remediation measures implemented



Provide a clear picture of the vulnerabilities in your security posture to secure management buy-in for investment



During development of in-house solutions, or as part of any procurement process of third-party software



Regular cyber security testing to support meeting legislative compliance standards such as GDPR, PCI DSS and ISO 27001

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