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2021 Security Review

13:00 // 17.12.2021

2021 was a year still reeling from 2020 and the covid pandemic. However, cybercriminals weren't hampered the same as organisations and it showed with security trends.

To help us take a look back at the challenges, the wins and any surprises that arose in the cyber landscape for organisations along with their security predictions for 2022, we have an impressive panel of security professionals:

  • Ciara Mitchell - Cyber Cluster Manager at ScotlandIS
  • Cheryl Torano - BDM at Abertay Univerity's Cyber Quarter
  • Martin Borrett - CTO Europe at IBM Security

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Supply Chain Security:
5 Questions Security Leaders Need To Ask

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  • Setting minimum security requirements
  • Building assurance activities into your security
  • Ensuring continuous security improvement
  • Minimising risk from supply chain attacks with solutions & services
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