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A cyber security series where we take a look at the current cyber landscape and delve deep into the many areas of security. In each episode, we'll be joined by expert guests who will share their insight and experience into their given topic.




Season 2

Broadcasting Thursday 28th May @ 15:00
Season 2 Episode 5 -
Protecting Against New Cyber Risks


The current pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another, but what are the new cyber risks that have resulted from a new remote workforce? We tackle this and more with Celerity Non-Executive Director, Dave Kay and Incident Response Specialist at IBM Resilient, Andy Yeates.



Season 2 Episode 4 -
Crisis Management



A successful cyber attack is definitely a crisis for most organisations and that is why we're going to be discussing Crisis Management in this episode. We're lucky to have a guest who has dealt with many crisises in his career, Sir Paul Stephenson - Former Commissioner of The London Metropolitan Police. Celerity's COO, Craig Aston be joining Paul to discuss what is crisis management? What challenges are there to effective crisis management? Are processes more important than people? And much more so join us for a great episode.



Season 2 Episode 3 - Securing Your Backup Data

SecurityPanel_Celerity S2E3 Securing Your Backup Data-compressed


In this special Data Protection episode, we will be discussing how organisations can secure their backups as well as answering questions like what is the difference between a snapshot, a backup and an air ap solution.

Our guests for this episode are Darren Sanders, Technical Architect - Storage at Celerity and Lee McEvoy, Storage Sales at IBM.





Is the cloud a right fit for all? How secure is the cloud? What security challenges does cloud create? How does cloud security compare to on-premise security? We'll tackle these questions and more with Celerity's Technical Architect - Multicloud, Ed Yates.





Celerity Security Panel S2 E1

We kick off the second season of Security Panel by taking a look at the popular buzzword - 'Digital Transformation' - we take a look at what it is and what it looks like in the real world. Then we discuss the security challenges digital transformation creates and how should organisations be tackling it.

Our guests for this show are Andrew McLean, Director at Compare The Cloud & Disruptive Live and David Savage, Founder & Host of Tech Talks Podcast

Celerity presents Security Panel show -  s2e1 digital transformation and security guests



Season 1

Episode 11 - 2019 Security Review




2019 has been quite a year for the cyber security sector, with the rise in volume and sophistication of attacks. Huge cyberattacks and fines handed out for data breaches.

We have gathered a fantastic panel of guests to take a look back over 2019 and discuss what has been learnt in this ever-changing industry and what trends they see carrying on into 2020.


sec panel 2019 review  guests image-1


Episode 10 - Open Source Data Security


Celerity_SecurityPanel_S1E10_BroadcastVersion (1)
We explore Open Source Data Security with Moya Brannan of the Egeria Project in episode 10. 
Data is the lifeblood of organisations, but do they have full visibility of who has accessed the data and when? Moya explains how her work with Egeria Project is helping organisations track this and safeguard against GDPR fines.


Episode 9 - Phishing


Celerity Security Panel EP 9 - Joshua Read - Phishing-2


It's more than likely that you have received a phishing email or know someone who has. A spoofed email created to look like a legitimate email with malicious links or attachments, hoping the end-user takes action.
We explore phishing and other social engineering attacks with Celerity Security Analyst, Joshua Read in episode 9 of our security show.



Episode 8 - Stress In Cyber Security


Security Panel – The Cybersecurity Show – S1E8
Stress plays a role in many jobs, but when your entails defending an organisation from cyber-attacks that could seriously damage or even ruin a business.
In our 8th episode of Security Panel, we are joined by Alison Prangnell, founder of The Human Resilience Academy, who will be talking about the importance of acknowledging and managing stress in the cyber security sector.

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Threat Detect Infographic


Episode 7 - Cyber Security & The Modern Enterprise




In this episode of Security Panel, we are joined by Fran Howarth, Security Analyst at Bloor Research. Today Fran will be discussing the topic of cyber security from a business transformation perspective and how IT security should be a prime focus during the build rather than an afterthought.



Episode 6 (Part 2) - Cyber Security & Law


Security Panel – The Cybersecurity Show – S1E6Pt2


On part 2 of the episode, Sandip will be discussing organisations current approach to data breach management, should they be trying harder? How can they be successful in their data breach management?

Sandip will also share some of his own personal experiences when it comes to cyber security and giving his advice on what you should be doing to keep yourself and businesses protected.

20 steps for effective cyber security defence


Episode 6 (part 1)  - Cyber Security & Law




In part 1 of this sixth episode of  Security Panel -The Cyber Security Show, we are joined by Sandip Patel QC - Chief Legal Advisor at OSP Cyber Academy who talks about his time prosecuting hackers and the current trends he has seen in the cyber landscape.



Episode 5  - Endpoint Encryption


Security Panel – The Cybersecurity Show – S1E5 _ v3


In our fifth episode, we're joined by MFG Encryption's Senior Encryption Specialist, Ben Singyard and Celerity's Infrastructure Architect, Steve Laidler. The pair discuss endpoint encryption, from what it is, the benefits of this, the types of encryption available and real-world examples of where endpoint encryption has prevented cyber attacks successfully.



Episode 4 - Incident Response


Security Panel – The Cybersecurity Show – S1E4


In this episode, we are joined by Andy Yeates, Senior Engineer at IBM Resilient, who will be discussing the incident response area of cyber security. Andy will discuss the importance of a strong incident response plan and how processes can be the difference when reducing response times.



Episode 3 - Security Awareness Training


Celerity_Cybersecurity_S1E3_BroadcastVersion _ v2 - UPDATED


 In this episode, we are joined by Richard Preece, Chief Training Officer at OSP Cyber Academy, who will be discussing the human element of cyber security. Richard will be talking about the importance of training your staff when it comes to cyber security and how all aspects of security breaches can be traced back to humans in one way or another.



Episode 2 - Early Threat Detection


Security Panel – The Cybersecurity Show – S1E2


This episode we will be joined by Celerity's Security as a Service Business Development Manager and IBM Security's QRadar (SIEM) Technical Specialist, Conor Champion. This episode will focus on Early Threat Detection - how important is early threat detection, do organisations know how to implement and do they have the resource to manage it. 



Episode 1 - Cyber Security At Board Level




Our first guest is Dave Kay, a non-executive director from celerity. Dave talks about how Cyber Security is developing at both an exciting and frightening speed. Dave and Will also talk about the scope of cyber security and how the introduction of AI and IoT could change the game. Dave’s focus on cyber security and the use in gangs is definitely an opinion you can’t miss!

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