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Simulated Cyber Attack

Test the strength of your security with continuous validation across the full kill chain


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Annual Pen-Tests Just Don't Cut It Anymore

Celerity's Simulated Cyber Attack Service is a fully managed service designed to test the strength of your security posture by simulating real cyber-attacks across all attack vectors, based on the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework. It is a cloud-based service that will regularly scan your network and IT infrastructure and provide detailed reporting to drive remediation, close gaps in security, improve visibility and reduce the risk to the organisation from cyber threats. That way you can protect yourself from threats before they ever show up.


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Vulnerabilities were published in 2020*


of companies perform security testing less than once a year or don't have a regular testing program in place**


of attacks in 2020 used vulnerabilities that were at least two years old***




Augments your existing capability and removes the need for developing specialist security skills in house


Supports business need to meet security compliance requirements & demonstrates continuous improvement


Test your security controls against specific threats or threat components & shorten time-to-remediation with efficient assessments


Score your security's strength against cyber threat risks and compare with industry-specific benchmarking


Executive reporting to assess & report business & technology risk levels


Easily identify security areas for improvement and validate your existing security controls


So What Is The Difference Between Pen Testing & Simulated Cyber Attacks?

Penetration testing is just simulated cyber-attacks, right?
Well, we discuss the difference between the two tactics and outline some of the benefits of implementing regular breach and attack simulations (BAS) on your organisation.


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  • Continuous Security Validation
  • Compliance Assurance
  • Improved Resource Utilisation
  • Demonstrates ROI on Security Investments


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Breach & Attack Simulation

Challenge your security controls with thousands of simulated cyber-attacks. Testing both internal and external defences, the attack simulations show exactly where you are exposed and how to fix it - making security fast, continuous and part of your everyday activity.

  • Management reporting detailing risk score against similar  organisation’s/industry sectors
  • Access to certified Celerity Security experts for cyber security risk & informed decision making
  • Cloud-delivered service available to all public, private clouds and on-premise
  • Supports business need to meet security compliance requirements & demonstrates continuous improvement
  • Benchmark your systems against community & government recognised standards such as CIS



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Secure funds from the board
with real-world analytics
on your vulnerabilities

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Vulnerability Management

  • Gain visibility of the assets in your network, IT infrastructure or cloud and identify their vulnerabilities & weaknesses
  • Prioritise the most critical security risks
  • Increase operational efficiency with the ability to deploy rapidly & flexibly
  • Save time with detailed reporting



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Benefits of Outsourcing Your  Vulnerability Management

All software has vulnerabilities, from misconfiguration to software defects, and for this reason organisations need to have continuous visibility of these weaknesses on...

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Validate Your Security Investments with combined Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS) and Vulnerability Management

Before we get into the benefits of this solution and how you can validate security decision-making, it’s important to explain what exactly, breach and attack simulation, is.

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Hackers Are Looking To Exploit Vulnerabilities

Discover how Celerity's Simulated Cyber Attack Service can alleviate the strain on your IT department by proactively identifying and remediating security gaps in your organisation.




*National Vulnerabilities Database
**2020 Ponemon Institute Report: The State of Breach and Attack Simulation and the Need for Continuous Security Validation: A Study of US and UK Organizations
***Check Point Cyber Security Report 2021



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