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Discover the most impersonated brands, successful phishing email subject lines and more in our 'Why Phishing Can't Be Ignored in 2021' Infographic.

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How Simulated Phishing Campaigns Help Organisations

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We know you're busy

So here's a quick overview of our simulated phishing service in less than 2 minutes.

Learn more about how the service can improve your cyber security by downloading our Citadel Simulated Phishing as a Service datasheet.


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Identify Staff Who Need Extra Security Training

Citadel Simulated Phishing-as-a-Service (SimPHaaS) provides a programme of simulated ‘real-world’ phishing email campaigns to highlight vulnerabilities in the workforce in a safe and controlled environment. Gaining visibility of your most vulnerable users, you can proactively address areas for concern thus reducing the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks on your organisation caused by phishing and other social engineering tactics.

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of organizations around the world experienced some kind of phishing attack in 2020*

Most common phishing subject line
"IT: Annual Asset Inventory"**

No. of phishing websites registered by google as of Jan 2021***


Identify your exposure to risk & data loss through vulnerabilities in your workforce

Support compliance requirements & reduce potential commercial liability in the protection of company data

Steer immediate & future cyber training decision making

Support a culture of cyber security awareness ingrained into your organisation

Provide evidence of continuous improvement & return on security investments

Create a more secure & alert workforce

Don't just take our word...

The entire process from start to finish was well managed and all deliverables met the agreed schedule. Very happy with the quality of the reporting also.
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The service helps identify staff who need extra training and support.
simulated phishing service testimonials - Celerity limited
Learn more about Celerity's Simulated Phishing as a Service by downloading the datasheet


Employees Make Mistakes

Everyone does, we're human. Even the technology we install to filter out phishing emails can let some slip through the net.

Phishing attempts are becoming increasingly sophisticated and so the odds are stacked against the employees.

We believe it's important to implement a layered approach to phishing where running simulated phishing tests on your employees plays a critical role in supporting a culture of cyber security awareness, identifying areas for improvement and a more secure workforce.

Download our datasheet to learn even more about how the service can help protect your business from phishing attacks.


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Security Awareness Training

Simulated phishing campaigns and phishing awareness training can enable employees to identify and safely report potential phishing emails. However, phishing is only a part of your organisation's attack surface. That's why we offer security training to your staff to help better protect your business from cyber-attacks.

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Why Phishing Can't Be Ignored In 2021

We take a look at the phishing attack numbers to highlight the impact it plays in cyber-attacks. Download our infographic to learn how to protect against a phishing attack with the most successful phishing subject lines, the most impersonated brands and the effect security training has on phishing email success.





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*2021 State of the Phish Report, Proofpoint
**Q4 2020 top-clicked phishing report, KnowBe4
***Google Transparency Report 2021

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