Intuition - Testing can performance test both static and dynamic resources for web applications.


It can be used to simulate a varying load on a individual servers, clusters or networking to test its strength or to analyse overall performance under different load types.


  • Predictive Testing - predict & fix problems, before they happen 

  • Recreate Historical Problems - we had a problem yesterday at a certain time, how do we stop it happening again?

  • Dynamic Report - a complete & ready to present report, the second the test completes

  • Correlation - correlate through ability to dynamically view application, business & infrastructure data

  • Multi-threading framework - allows concurrent & simultaneous sampling of different functions by separate thread groups

  • Continuous Integration - ability to load & performance an ever-expanding number of applications, servers & protocol types


CORRELATE - The ability to dynamically view application, business and infrastructure data & logs


IMPROVE - Quickly identify potential performance bottlenecks across the environment before production


PREDICT - Counter problems, before they happen

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