Despite every organisation's best attempt to secure their intellectual data – they can always fall short when it comes to staff members making honest mistakes.


The purpose of security awareness training is to stop your employees from causing security incidents. After all, it is only by providing your employees with the correct awareness training (and regular testing) that you will achieve your wider data security objectives. 


This training is suitable for all staff, at all levels, to ensure consistent awareness of cyber security, as part of either an induction or annual training. 

Training is delivered online via an e-learning portal, classroom-based or bespoke training delivered onsite.


  • e-Learning duration is just 30 minutes and covers cyber security steps as well as procedures to keep individuals safe, both in the workplace and at home 

  • Develop staff’ understanding of their role and responsibilities in cyber security, helping to understand the main source of cyber security threats and hazards, providing awareness to identify potential danger, both professionally and personally

  • General do’s and don’ts for staff, including countering threat techniques across physical entry, devices & software, use of WiFi, emails, SMS and telephone calls & other means of social engineering

  • 4 classroom locations throughout the UK - Aberdeen, Manchester, Bristol and London

  • Bespoke service uniquely tailored to your needs whether an audit or an interactive workshop, which combines audit techniques with awareness training

Training developed by an experienced Data Protection Officer (DPO). Certificate provided upon completion of course


Externally assured by APMG International under the GCHQ Certified Training Scheme


Accredited training through the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) evidence for CPD Credits

HubSpot Video

Security Panel - Episode 3

We're joined by OSP Cyber Academy's Chief Training Officer, Richard Preece, who discusses the human element of cyber security. Touching on the importance of security awareness training for employees and the type of training available to staff through Citadel.

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Citadel Security Awareness Training Datasheet

A security trained workforce can be your greatest strength when combating cyber-attacks. Educate - Protect - Enable.

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