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The emergence of new technologies, changes in legislation and increasing consumer expectation is changing the way utility companies do business

It is essential for a utilities business to be more efficient at every stage of its operation. Keeping costs low, maximising the return on people, systems and processes and driving efficiency means making better choices at every stage of the development, distribution and delivery of services.



This means that every investment has to work hard and deliver maximum value – and this is especially true of infrastructure and IT projects. The need for reliable, secure networks and systems has meant that many utilities companies are looking at business transformation to compete more effectively and this can often lead to new projects being implemented which require a different skill set.

  • Supporting emerging technologies & Smartgrid
  • Secure & protect critical data
  • Mobile Transformation
  • Compliance and legislation
  • Business Analytics & Data optimisation
  • Licence Management

“Celerity has been an excellent partner in the journey so far, and we will maintain working with them to continue to expand and develop our business in the future.”

Western Power Distribution


DATASHEET: Data Custodian for Energy & Utilities 

 Energy smart solutions to meet core business objectives




DATASHEET: Intuition in the Utilities Sector

 Proactive automation, discovery and orchestration services for the ebergy & utilities sector 


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Critical Utilities, behind the scenes

Western Power Distribution (WPD) is the electricity distribution network operator for the Midlands, South Wales and the South West. 


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